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    Crowdfunding Projekt von Swissloop

    Swissloop hat das Ziel die Hyperloop Competition 2019 in Los Angeles zu gewinnen.

    Every great dream begins with a dreamer – in this story the dreamer was Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX.

    The Swissloop team shares a common vision of a Swiss contribution to  Hyperloop Technology, which will reshape the way we think about transportation. Our team of motivated students from ETH Zurich and other Swiss universities, supportive advisors and partners from the industry aim to reshape transportation technology.

    Swissloop develops prototypes for SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competitions, in order to provide a proof of concept for the Hyperloop dream.

    Meet our Team
    This year, Swissloop is taking part in the Hyperloop Pod Competition run by SpaceX for the third time. Our team is made of 21 motivated students from various Swiss universities with backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering, graphic design, business, law and communication. Together, we aim to build the fastest pod we can — and in doing so, further research and develop this new transportation technology. After passing the first round of the competition in November, we have sent in the Final Design Package of our pod this month. Currently, we are waiting to hear back from SpaceX. If we pass this round as well, we are among the twenty teams who made it to the finale, which takes place this summer.



    50.-  Kleiner Name auf Gönnerwand

    100.-  Mittelgrosser Name auf Gönnerwand

    1000.-  Grosser Name auf Gönnerwand

    5000.-  Name auf dem Pod und Ticket für die Präsentation des Pods


     InnonationInnonation Bildmarke  –  Entwicklung, Gestaltung & Förderung von Produktideen. 

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